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Gamezies Pacifiers

Gamezies Pacifiers

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Mission Statement

At the heart of Gamezies, we celebrate the continued legacies of our universities by utilizing the safest materials to create the most accurate depictions of beloved mascots to unite people and engage the next generation of fans.

By creating a product the founders’ feel safe enough for their own children to use, Gamezies enables fans to love their favorite college team and little ones.

Our Story

We create authentic experiences for families to enjoy every moment – whether it’s at the game or a moment of peace at home.

Pioneered by two entrepreneurs, Gamezies was inspired by one of our founders’ daughter. An avid college football fan, he was surprised at the lack of sports gear available for children that they would not quickly outgrow. As he was watching his beloved Georgia Bulldogs play, he noticed Uga on the sideline and had an “aha moment” and Gamezies was born. Friends started to ask where they could get one for their own little one and the requests did not slow down. Ever since, Gamezies has become a way for us to safely support our favorite college teams and create the next generation of fans.

As passionate fans and founders, it was incredibly important to accurately depict each and every mascot. We worked tirelessly with a team of designers and each college’s trademark department on multiple drafts until it met our high standards and became the embodiment of the costumed characters you know and love.

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